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LMS Reporting (Navigate 3.1.4)


The use of analytics in the digital learning environment is an essential facet of educational institutions.  There are currently various methods used to track student progress.  Instructors, administrators, and course developers now have the ability to use data from the LMS reporting tools to track student progress, interpret data, evaluate mastery of content, and determine course offerings.

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  • Student level data can be used to indicate class performance.   Students have access to the course; they can evaluate performance assessments and evaluate content.  At this level the type of information a reporting tool can provide can indicate how often a student has logged in, maintaining correspondence with the instructor and fellow students, as well as how much time they have spent online.
  • Teacher level data can be useful when determining various student issues like students that may be experiencing difficulties.  At this level teachers can use reporting tools to provide detailed information for analytical use. The ability to disaggregate student data would give teachers an opportunity to make necessary changes or adjustments to the delivery of instruction and content.  This type of access to data can also allow for differentiation of content delivery.
  • Course level data can assist course developers identify areas of weakness within the course, as well as the principal strengths of the course.  This can be applied towards making any necessary changes to improve delivery methods.
  • Program level data is most commonly used by the administrative team to determine course offerings, faculty appointments, course revisions, and professional development opportunities.

As instructor one of the most important reporting tools available is the Course Statistics tool.  With this reporting tool teachers are able to keep track of student progress.  This can be used to identify outcomes for the course as well as identifying overall mastery of content and assessments.

Additional assistance with understanding the use of analytics within the LMS can be found  at :


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