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Rubrics and Competencies (Evaluate, 2.1.2)


Competency Based Education (CBE) is a process that moves education from concentrating on what instructors believe students need to know, teacher-focused, to what students need to know.  CBE’s are focused on learning competencies (outcomes) linked to state standards as defined by the Department of education. Depending on the course, learning outcomes may have progressive levels of mastery. It is necessary to continually refine competencies so that student performance can be assessed for mastery.  Rubrics are highly effective tools used to provide students with helpful criteria for success, making desired learning outcomes clearer to them.


Using the USATestPrep tool, I can determine that the first student shown has mastery of Domain 1, Standards 1-5, Colonization through the Constitution.  The second student, however,  will need some additional assistance with understanding/mastery in European Colonization and the American Revolution.

student res 1

USA Test Prep



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