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The Summative Assessment (Evaluate, 1.1.3)


USA Test Prep

Although I am not an online instructor, yet, I have used digital learning tools in my classroom throughout the year to assess student achievement. The LMS that I have used with the most frequency in the classroom is USATestPrep.  USATestPrep features teacher-directed learning resources.  It gives teachers the ability to develop diagnostic and remedial strategies to support student achievement goals.  It is a perfect supplemental tool to my U.S. History curriculum. It features educational games and assessments that provide student users with immediate feedback. It beneficial for students to use resources that are engaging. USATestPrep gives teachers an opportunity to construct assessments the fit the needs of their student’s individualized learning and classroom support.

My students use the many different learning tools like games, puzzles, animations, skill-work exercises, and self-directed activities – all aligned to state’s standards.  The Benchmark diagnostic system provides an evaluative snapshot at student or the entire class.  I can administer and collect data, create custom tests, identify student strengths and weaknesses using the data grid view, and view grade distribution and item analysis.

In preparation for the U.S. History EOCT I created five benchmark assessments categorized by domain sets within the state standards. below are screen shots of various data collection tools available on USATestPrep to identify student achievement of learning objectives.

Below are the data results distributed by class and item analysis.  A teacher created benchmark was used to determine how much review was needed in Domain I (Standards 1-5), Colonization through the Constitution.  CLEARLY the material my students mastered during the first few weeks of school was now long forgotten.  A review was necessary for this domain more than any of the other four leading to modern history.

U.S. History Review for EOCT

Five Benchmarks created to determine student readiness by Domain.  I used the results and item analysis to determine that an in-depth review of first semester standards was necessary in preparation for the EOCT.

 Teacher Created Benchmarks

benchmarks 1


Test Average for Domain I, Standards 1-5.


Grade Distribution

grade distribution

Item Analysis



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