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Special Needs – 1 – Developing an Individualized Plan


Review and compare the two sample individualized student plans provided below. Both sample plans are written for the same student. Keeping in mind the best practices discussed in this lesson, consider the strengths and weaknesses of each plan and decide which you find to be the preferred option for the online environment. Post in your […]

Special Needs – 1- Accommodations in an Online Environment


Reflect on your experiences with your students. Think of a situation in which online education may have been a preferable option for one of your special needs students or a student with an extenuating circumstance. If you do not have an example of a situation you have had as an educator, you may want to extend […]

Special Needs – 1- Applying Strategies and Best Practices


Choose two of the student scenarios below. First, identify at least two difficulties each student may be experiencing in their online class. Then, discuss two best practices or specific strategies that might be helpful to each student. Scenarios Joyce has accommodations for an Emotional/Behavioral Disorder. Her mother informed you that Joyce’s specific diagnosis is Anxiety and Depression, and she sometimes […]

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