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Special Needs – 1- Applying Strategies and Best Practices


Choose two of the student scenarios below. First, identify at least two difficulties each student may be experiencing in their online class. Then, discuss two best practices or specific strategies that might be helpful to each student.


  • Joyce has accommodations for an Emotional/Behavioral Disorder. Her mother informed you that Joyce’s specific diagnosis is Anxiety and Depression, and she sometimes does not respond well to correction. She plagiarized a large section of her essay for your class this week.
    How will you handle this situation?
  • Hopper has an IEP with accommodations for Dysgraphia. Your class requires written reports in each unit on various topics. Hopper expresses concern over his grade in your class because of the written reports. You know Hopper is putting forth the effort, but he still is not passing your class. He asks what he can do to improve his grade.
    How do you respond?

Post in your blog: What are two difficulties each student may be experiencing in their online class? What are the two best practices or specific strategies that might be helpful? Your reflection should include at least four well-developed paragraphs.


What Hopper seems to have is spatial dysgraphia, which is causing him to submit incomplete assignments.  He has difficulty with all forms of writing. A review of his IEP for further clarification would be necessary.  Children with dysgraphia experience impairment with handwriting, spelling, and sometimes reading problems.  

Best Practices/Recommendations: One suggestion I would recommend is to reduce the required amount of writing needed to successfully complete the course/assignment. The second recommendation would be to give Hopper extra time to take and submit the assignment report.  I would suggest that Hopper begins the writing assignment earlier in the assignment week. Lastly, I would recommend breaking the assignment into steps.


Joyce may avoid seeking assistance from the instructor.  Her anxiety may cause her to avoid speaking to the instructor to seek assistance. Her depression may cause her to obsess about shortcoming and could have contributed to her plagiarizing the large section of her assignment out of fear.  Typically, depression will cause an individual to act out with risky behavior.

Recommendations: I would contact Joyce via telephone or email, highlighting the importance of using this opportunity to use her voice. The best way to do that is to complete her assignments using her own words to show her knowledge of the subject.  Additionally, I would give her examples of acceptable and unacceptable ways in which to discuss her research/findings.

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