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Special Needs – 1 – Developing an Individualized Plan


Review and compare the two sample individualized student plans provided below. Both sample plans are written for the same student. Keeping in mind the best practices discussed in this lesson, consider the strengths and weaknesses of each plan and decide which you find to be the preferred option for the online environment.

Post in your blog: Your response should consist of at least four well-developed paragraphs and address each of the following points:

  1. Which plan do you believe is the better option for the online environment (Plan A or Plan B) and why?

Plan B is the better option for Sally.  The team has clearly determined that she is eligible for education services. Plan B offers the least restrictive setting.  The accommodations and climate of the online environment allow for Sally to function at the highest level and to have direct access to service from the Special Education team who can adapt the online setting and provide Sally with the necessary support.  In this case, the specialized school that would be chosen would be an online school.

  1. Using specific examples, discuss the strengths of the plan which you believe make it better suited to the online environment.

Plan B specifically addresses Sally’s ability to download applications that would assist her with navigating through the course platform.  The “text to speech” feature would alleviate some of the strain and fatigue she experiences in her eyes.  The opportunity to have extended time on assessments would also assist with Sally being able to take the needed time to take an assessment without any unnecessary pressure to meet the original deadline.

3. Are there any aspects of your preferred plan you would change to be better suited for the online environment? Please explain.

The primary reason Plan B was selected was that Plan A offered accommodations, however, those accommodations did not address any specifics for the student’s needs.

4. What are the issues and weaknesses of the plan you decided was not the best choice for the online environment?

The primary concern for selecting Plan B over Plan A was the lack of specificity.  Plan A failed to address specific and necessary accommodations to allow for student achievement. Extended time is offered; however, how much extended time Sally will receive was not addressed.  Each “description of the accommodation/services” goes a step further by specifically setting time limits, addressing the reduction of coursework.  The text- to-talk application, however, was specifically identified in both plans.

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